The Royal Wedding Countdown

Wills and Kate credit: Getty

OK so I lied, I told you yesterday that if you weren’t into the royal wedding you should come back tomorrow and well, here is yet another post. I learned something new though – if I title the blog entry something about William and Kate my husband won’t read it. heh, heh, heh….

I’ve decided to keep a running list of royal wedding posts, because there’s so much to keep track of and so little time, photo gallery with links below.

Here is a summary list of all the things that I have blogged about the royal wedding to date or random bits of information  I think you should have.

Previous Royal Wedding Countdown posts (in reverse order):

21. The OFFICIAL Wedding Programme can be downloaded here.

20. The Queen’s recipe for drop scones as she made them President Eisenhower at Balmoral, recipe source: National Archives, via Matchbook.

19. What I have in common with Prince William and his royal wedding: Read here.

18. An updated list of all the RW2011 Printables out there! Check out my Royal Wedding Printable Roundup for all the gorgeous stuff you can print from your computer for your party.

17. This reads better than a juicy beach novel, the latest RW2011 media guide published by Clarence House (as of 4.23.2011). Complete with detailed timelines, guest lists, biographies and other historical nuggets. Good stuff.

16. Listen to me talk on CBS LA Newsradio KNX1070 about my RW2011 Viewing Party here. I don’t sound too crazy right? Right??

15. My shoutout on The Today Show’s website about my Royal Wedding Viewing Party. They don’t think I’m crazy so neither should you.

14. Your pre-wedding TV viewing schedule brought to you by Royal Weddings. A full list of all the cheesy TV movies you can handle.

13. The Royal Wedding Tat is THE ultimate source for updates on all the ‘stuff’ out there RW2011 related. You can follow them on Twitter too @RoyalWeddingTat

12. You can follow @RoyalPony the official pony of the procession for Kate Middleton

11. The ‘official’ Royal Wedding Timeline as provided by Clarence House

10. If you want to crack up over Royal Wedding shenanigans, follow @Queen_UK on Twitter. A spoof of Her Majesty and her affinity for gin. Good stuff.

9. The blogosphere is getting full of lots of RW2011 ideas including printables, accessories and menu plans. Check out what I found in my roundup.

8. Free Royal Wedding Subway Art download – by ME! Enjoy!

7. My Royal Wedding party plan.

6.Ultimate cake toppers by Cake Top Characters.

5. Where I’m hoping they will get away for the honeymoon: Nepal? Isle of Scilly? Nope they should go to Mustique.

4. Wills won’t wear a ring? Maybe he should reconsider: Prince William Won’t Wear Ring?

3. The reason why I love the royal wedding, my post: Royal Memories with a Royal Family

2. Official Twitter handle for royal wedding tweets: @ClarenceHouse

1. Official royal wedding homepage