Mommy Learns To Code

by Sara Mooradian on June 4, 2013

My blog is no longer my blog – it’s become a repository for random thoughts.  For this, I apologize.  But if you’re still reading this, well then maybe you want an explanation for where I’ve been… I will try to explain.  So what the heck have I been up to? Well, a whole lot of everything including learning how to write code.  Yup, Mommy wanted to learn a new language: computer programming. So I tried. And I did.

This blog has been totally neglected.  I used to post once and sometimes twice a day.  Lately, it’s maybe once a month. But I think I have a decent excuse or two.  Let me explain.  For the past year, I’ve been the PTA President at our elementary school and for as much as I would LOVE to write all about that, I won’t. Sorry.  That’s a blog for another day, maybe.

In addition, I’ve been working part-time as a Social Media Manager and exploring the brand management side of blogging. Fascinating stuff really, although not nearly as full of drama nor as entertaining as my regular blogroll.  I miss the regular writing prompts, the sense of community and the always stunning how-to posts. I haven’t quite figured out how to do both regularly, although I hear it’s possible…  I’m hoping I will find THAT how-to post soon.

On top of all that, I’m still my kids’ personal chauffer and chef, sports coach and tutor. I won’t pretend to be a housekeeper and interior decorator because those are not things that I do admittedly well. (I’ve been told it’s important to recognize one’s weaknesses.)


This. Is. Not. Me.

And most recently, I decided that it was important that I learn how to code.  You know, in my spare time.

My husband was thrilled!


Re-read that last sentence with heavy sarcasm and imagine staring at an enormous pile of unfolded laundry. Ok good. Let’s move on…

Any way… yes, I was bitten by the coding bug because I read about it all day long for my new gig and like blogging was to me two years ago – I thought it was a fabulous mystery.  So I took a class on SkillShare and basically I built Pinterest.

Yup, that’s right. I built friggin’ Pinterest or a version of it.  It’s not pretty but it works and…I MADE IT. FROM NOTHING. For me, that’s the most exciting thing about learning to code. You can build ANYTHING.

So now, I want to share it with you.  Check it out –> here’s a link to my completed class project:

It’s totally Pinterest right?!?!  You can upload and create your own pins and everything.

ruby_on_railsI coded it using the programming language Ruby on Rails and I might as well have been learning how to speak Chinese.  The tutorial was great and I understood why I was doing most of what I was doing.  Most of the time.

By the way, if you haven’t already guessed, right now I’m pretty much maxing out in my total geekiness.  This is it. Right here. I think I’ve reached the pinnacle of my geekdom. You all witnessed it.  You were there.

My next step is to try to create a new web application from scratch which will require remembering why I did certain things in a certain order which is not that easy.  I have a couple of ideas on what I’d like to build, I’m just a little short on time to play around with it. By a little short, I mean a lot.

So that’s it.  In a nutshell, that’s what I’ve been up to – at least the super fun bits that I can tell you about.

If I do build my next web app, I’ll be sure to share it with you.  In the meantime, if you are interested in learning to code check out online resources like or treehouse.  There are so many online resources out there, if you find something that you like, please share it!

Later geeks,

Sara aka Mommy